What We Do

  • Participate in ICANN public meetings
  • Elect Councilors to the GNSO Council
  • Participate in Working Groups, the lifeblood of ICANN, where policy recommendations are developed by members of various stakeholder groups and other individuals
  • Provide public comments on proposed ICANN policies and activities affecting IP rights
  • Develop and advocate policy positions, in comments and letters, in person at ICANN meetings, and by other means
  • Work with the other ICANN stakeholders where there are common interests
  • Select a representative to the ICANN Nominating Committee, which appoints members of the Board of Directors and other ICANN organizations. 

Key Issues for the IPC

  • WHOIS/registration directory services, including WHOIS accuracy, availability of WHOIS information, translation and transliteration of WHOIS information, privacy and proxy services and advancements in “next generation” registration directory services
  • Reviews of ICANN’s New gTLD program, including a competition, consumer trust and consumer choice review
  • Reviews of rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) for the New gTLD Program and for “legacy” gTLDs, including the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) and the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), as well as a possible review of the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP)
  • Internet governance, including the IANA stewardship transition and the associated process to enhance ICANN accountability
  • Issues relating to Geographic Indicators and other geographic terms
  • Abuses and concerns relating to the New gTLD Program, both overall and in relation to specific registries and new gTLDs
  • Strong, consistent enforcement of ICANN’s contracts with registries and registrars, especially new provisions focused on protection of intellectual property rights.